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You could begin to see an improvement in your dog in as little as 1 week!


Cushing's disease means there are excessive levels of glucocorticosteroids, (cortisone and cortisol), in the dog’s bloodstream. It can lead to the long-term suppression of the immune system, possible liver damage, pancreatitis and dramatic reductions in quality of life due to loss and weakening of skeletal muscles.


CushAway is a unique nutritional supplement intended to assist the treatment of Cushing’s disease in dogs. It combines three active ingredients: phosphatidylserine, melatonin and HMR lignans that research has shown reduces the production of corticosteroids or rapidly depletes them.


Is CushAway a cure for Cushing’s disease?

CushAway is a nutritional supplement designed to aid in the treatment of Cushing’s disease, it is not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease or illness. Only your veterinarian can diagnose whether or not your dog has Cushing’s disease and you should consult your veterinarian before starting your animal on this or any nutritional supplement product.


So thankful for Cush Away! What a positive change in my dog. The vet highly recommended I not do chemo, but look online for supplements or holistic treatment. Within a month we noticed positive changes. He doesn’t drink as much water, pants less, plays more. Prior to Cush Away he could barely get off the floor, upstairs or play because he also has DM and Cushing’s magnified that. In the 6-8 months he’s been on it he’s only had one bad weekend. For a big dog (100lbs), aging (almost 12), he has responded so well and his quality of life is great with Cush Away. The vet was shocked because he’s seen the progression of Cushing’s and what chemo treatment does to them. Thank you Cush Away for greatly improving my Buddy’s quality of life and lessening his Cushing’s symptoms greatly!!
Melissa H.
| Via Facebook
Doing well so far w a higher count then usual of cortisol in her blood. No other tests . Not drinking or eating excessively or panting which was one of her symptoms. Trial period . W a 56 lb dog is 1 1/2 a good dose?
Marguerite S.
| Via Facebook


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