BestFriends Biotechnics was born in 2012 with the intention of providing top quality nutritional supplements to dogs and their people across the world.

BestFriends Biotechnics introduced their premier product Cush-Away in 2013 as a nutritional supplement specifically for aiding the treatment of Cushing’s disease. Cush-Away was developed by the founder of BestFriends Biotechnics in order to treat his own 12-year-old mixed breed Golden retriever that was suffering from Cushing’s disease.

After much research and trial and error the patent pending formula for Cush-Away was finalized and after finding no comparable products in the marketplace the decision was made to manufacture and distribute Cush-Away. The secondary purpose of BestFriends Biotechnics is to provide revenue for philanthropic and charitable endeavors focusing on the issue of shelter animals and senior dogs. BestFriends Biotechnics is a proud supporter of The Gray Muzzle Foundation and rescue organizations such as Hope for Paws. A portion of the proceeds from every product sold by BestFriends Biotechnics is donated to a charitable foundation set up for this purpose.

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