CushAway Partners with Shelter All Those Left Behind Pet Rescue

CushAway is proud to partner with All Those Left Behind Pet Rescue (ATLB). For years, this shelter has helped foster some of the neediest dogs and other animals. Those with hard to place behavior quirks and medical problems can find a home through ATLB.

Located in Morris, Illinois, ATLB started as a home-based foster rescue in 2012 and quickly grew. Founder Gina Bartucci says it all started when she lost her sweet dog Oz to cancer. When she was ready to find another furry best friend, Gina found out just how overloaded the adoption system was. Once she saw how many dogs needed help, Gina knew what she had to do, and All Those Left Behind Pet Rescue was born in memory of Oz.

While dogs and cats are their most common rescue, Gina says they’ve also fostered 2 pot-bellied pigs and even a few guinea pigs. When they get a call about an animal they can’t foster, like a horse, Gina is connected with other shelters that can help get these animals placed in a safe home.

All Those Left Behind is also a sanctuary for those animals who have trouble getting adopted due to health or behavior concerns. To date, they’ve sheltered several dogs with Cushing’s disease. When her vet recommended giving the dogs CushAway, Gina was willing to give it a try. After using holistic treatments for Oz’s cancer and seeing results, she knew she didn’t want to try chemo drugs. “Thanks to the CushAway, we saw a night and day difference,” Gina shares. She wishes they had known about CushAway earlier since they had to put down a sweet pup with multiple health issues along with Cushing’s. “Had we found the product sooner from what we had seen from the other two dogs, we think it could have been her miracle.”

When Gina contacted CushAway founder James Marshall to ask for help getting more product for their non-profit, he was happy to hear about their efforts in fostering Cushing’s dogs and other needy animals. CushAway’s policy is to donate product for free to shelters and rescues. CushAway also donates a 6-month supply to pet parents who adopt a Cushing’s dog to encourage more people to take these fur babies home.

All Those Left Behind has operated for years out of the homes of generous volunteers, some who even help care for hard to place animals on a permanent basis. Now, ATLB is poised to open a 6,000 square foot facility to house these pets as well as sanctuary animals who need a forever home. ATLB is still raising funds to help move this non-profit pet rescue and shelter into a permanent home after hiccups in the building process have delayed the opening and stretched their budget. If you’d like to help, use the link on the right-hand side of their website to donate through FundRazr.

We’d love to see more Cushing’s dogs get adopted, wouldn’t you? Thank you All Those Left Behind Pet Rescue for caring for these dogs and for sharing your CushAway story.