CushAway Gives Back

At CushAway, we care about helping dogs and their caretakers lead happier, healthier lives. That’s why Cushaway gives back.  We’re committed to giving to those who need it and supporting those who work hard to care for dogs who need medical help or a home.

For those shelters that care for Cushing’s dogs, we offer free product. We also support those who adopt a Cushing’s dog with a small supply to help them transition as they leave their routine at the shelter. CushAway also supports The Grey Muzzle Organization and Hope for Paws, donating a portion of our proceeds to help these outstanding charities.

The Grey Muzzle Organization raises grants for shelters and organizations who specifically care for older dogs who may or may not be adoptable. They also support organizations that provide hospice care for older dogs. The Grey Muzzle Organization works to enable these organizations to do what they do for an often overlooked group of canine companions.

Hope for Paws is a non-profit that rescues neglected or suffering animals whether on the streets or in the wild. They work to raise awareness about abandoned animals. Hope for Paws has a dedicated YouTube channel sharing moving stories of dogs abandoned, rescued, and revitalized into a forever home. With 4 million subscribers, they truly are spreading the word.

Recently, after a shelter owner contacted CushAway, we were able to offer support by donating product to help her care for Cushing’s dogs at her facility, All Those Left Behind Pet Rescue. After caring for several Cushing’s dogs, Gina wanted to try something other than the traditional drugs prescribed. When her vet recommended our supplement, owner Gina Bartucci says “Thanks to the CushAway, we saw a night and day difference.

Offering support to the canine community is important to us. Just as each Cushing’s dog needs special care, so do pups with other conditions whether medical issues, aging, or abandonment. Our goal is to see canine companions live well. Thank you for choosing CushAway and helping us with that promise.