Can Cushing’s Be Cured?

Is there a Cushing’s cure? The condition known as Cushing’s disease presents itself in a range of symptoms that can be difficult to diagnose. Once developed, can the disease ever be cured or can you only manage the symptoms? Let’s explore this complex question.

Cushing’s Disease

Cushing’s disease is caused by an overproduction of corticosteroids in the body. While most cases are caused by a tumor on the adrenal or pituitary gland, others develop the condition after long term exposure to steroids. Some vets also believe that Atypical Cushing’s can develop after early spaying or neutering because of hormone imbalances.

Managing the Symptoms

Cushing’s symptoms can be treated and managed with drugs that block corticosteroid production in the body or even interfere with the fragile glands themselves. While this method can be effective in dealing with Cushing’s, it also poses some dangerous side effects. Another choice is nutrition-based management of Cushing’s disease, which uses natural supplements and dietary changes to eliminate symptoms with little to no side effects. If the disease was caused by a benign adrenal tumor, Cushing’s may be cured by removing the tumor. Malignant tumors will most likely need continuous treatment as well.

Cushing’s Cure or Lifetime Condition?

Most vets agree that with treatment dogs can live a happy, active life, though the disease is never truly gone. That’s why you’ll hear most veterinary professionals describe managing Cushing’s symptoms rather than curing them.

With treatment, many owners see a decrease in symptoms or in some cases symptoms disappear completely. However, treatments may never fully eradicate the disease. The FDA states that Cushing’s is “typically a lifelong condition,” and agrees that Pituitary-dependent Cushing’s requires “lifelong treatment.”

Environmental triggers can mimic symptoms of Cushing’s. Once those factors are eliminated, some owners whose pets have been diagnosed with Cushing’s claim their pets are cured. However, they may never have truly developed the disease in the first place, but instead may have been suffering from Cushing’s syndrome.

Diet can also play a big role in managing the disease. Since Cushing’s symptoms often include inflammation caused by the overabundance of corticosteroids, simply changing to a whole-food based, low grain diet can ease your dog’s discomfort. Probiotics can also be beneficial for gut-health and overall wellness for your pet. Nutrition-based management of Cushing’s takes this route to curtail the disease with the addition of natural elements. One of the first of it’s kind, the supplement CushAway uses natural elements like melatonin and lignans to help suppress corticosteroid overproduction.

While there’s currently no Cushing’s cure and it’s unlikely Cushing’s will ever completely disappear in your dog, you can manage symptoms in a way that maximizes your pet’s health, allowing them to live their best life.