Should Dogs Take Probiotics?

Probiotics for Dogs: What and Why Microbiome, probiotics…these buzz words aren’t just for health nuts and fitness pros. Veterinarians are beginning to recognize the importance of gut health for dogs and how it can lead to overall wellness for your pet. Amid the power salad recipes, Cooking Light magazine recently highlighted the trending topic in […]

Managing Your Dog’s Cushing’s Disease

Managing Your Dog’s Cushing’s Disease When a dog is diagnosed with Cushing’s disease, there are limited options when it comes to treatment. Common pharma treatments can have more of a negative impact on a dog’s health than the symptoms warrant while homeopathic and folk remedies may not address the causes of Cushing’s. Though the condition […]

The Basics of Cushing’s Disease

The Basics of Cushing’s Disease Cush Away naturally treats Cushing’s disease, but symptoms are numerous and varied. The disease can take many forms and can be difficult to even diagnose. So what exactly is Cushing’s and how does it affect dogs? Here’s an in-depth look at the symptoms and causes of the disease. What is […]

The Story of CushAway

It Started with a Best Friend One morning I let Scrappy, my loyal and loving companion, outside. I could tell immediately that something was wrong. She couldn’t lift her feet and was dragging her paws so much they were curled under her legs. I grabbed her up into my arms and rushed to the emergency […]